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olive oil farmerWelcome to our website Olive Oil Farmer, we are Marthese & Stuart, Olive farmers in Maremma Tuscany, Italy on our organic farm.

Our History

Have we always been farmers? do we come from generations of farmers? well it may be no surprise, or some surprise to you that the answer to both these questions is no, its true however that there are some farmers, woodsman, gamekeepers and farmhands in Stuarts family in Sussex, UK and even Marthese has some farmers in her extended family in Malta, but overall we were not taking on family generations of work when we decided to sell up and move to Italy and on our organic farm start producing extra virgin olive oil and IGT wines.

So, whats this site all about?

If you are interested in how olive oil is created, how olive trees are planted, pruned and kept healthy then this is the site for you. We are not professionals, but we learn from those around us and from research.

We try to manage our time in the best way possible, and the way we work is not for everyone, find your own way that you are happy with, this relates to pruning styles, olive tree management and tree health.

organic olive oilAbout Tenuta Le Mandorlaie our Organic farm

On our organic farm and agriturismo in Maremma Tuscany we work hard to create an incredible extra virgin olive oil.

If you are interested in staying with us on our organic farm, more details can be found on the official Tenuta Le Mandorlaie website

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